New Model 2023 Lexus LX Design, Engine, & Price

2023 Lexus LX

New Model Lexus LX is a luxury SUV that combines power, comfort, and style. From the moment you step inside this vehicle, you will be met with an impressive interior that is sure to leave you in awe. The cabin of the Lexus LX is filled with high-end materials and a range of advanced technologies that make every drive more enjoyable. Underneath the hood of the Lexus LX lies a powerful engine combined with precise handling to give you an exhilarating ride. Its comfortable suspension system keeps your passengers safe while providing you with smooth handling and enhanced stability on any terrain.

Seating Capacity 8 Seater

You’ll also appreciate its long list of standard safety features like blind spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert for added peace of mind.

Lexus LX Design

Design is an important element when it comes to luxury vehicles, and the Lexus LX sets a new standard. This full-size SUV has a sleek exterior that sets it apart from the competition. The front grille displays the iconic Lexus look with bold lines, angular headlights, and a large hood scoop.

Horsepower 304

On the inside, luxurious features abound with top-shelf materials such as leather upholstery and real wood trim used throughout the cabin. Drivers will also enjoy advanced technology like an intuitive infotainment system and driver assistance features that make driving easier than ever before. Furthermore, there’s plenty of space for both passengers and cargo alike in this spacious vehicle. With its elegant design elements, Lexus LX 1

Lexus LX Performance

The Lexus LX interior is a luxury performance vehicle made to take on any terrain. With its formidable exterior and powerful engine, this SUV sets the standard for all high-performance vehicles. Its V8 5.7-liter engine provides plenty of power that can easily handle both city roads and off-road tracks.

700 Nm Torque

The Lexus LX also has a finely tuned suspension system that ensures superior handling with minimal vibration and two speed transfer case for an even more comfortable ride in all types of terrain. This cutting edge technology does not compromise safety either, as the LX comes equipped with advanced airbag systems, four-wheel ABS brakes, hill start assist control and traction control system for additional security when driving on uneven surfaces or under hazardous conditions.

Lexus LX Safety Features

Lexus LX 2

The Lexus LX review is a luxury SUV that is known for its impressive safety features. The LX was designed with the utmost attention to detail, delivering top-notch performance and peace of mind. Equipped with a suite of advanced driver assistance systems, the LX has the ability to detect potential hazards before they become an issue sleek. The LX includes the latest in safety technology, such as lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control. It also offers an array of airbags for added protection in case of a collision. Additionally, the LX comes standard with Lexus Safety System+ 2.0 which provides improved recognition accuracy and enhanced night-time performance along with additional safety features like Pre-Collision System and Road Sign Assist.

Lexus LX Interior Comfort

Power and Torque 304 bhp & 700 Nm

The Lexus LX interior takes comfort to the next level, providing a luxurious interior that is sure to please. With plush leather seating and an intuitive design, this vehicle offers its passengers ultimate comfort in any situation. From long road trips to urban commutes, new LX ensures a pleasant ride no matter what. Inside the cabin of the Lexus LX there are many features designed with convenience and relaxation in mind. The adjustable front seats offer exceptional lumbar support while also conforming to any body type for extra comfort. In addition, automatic climate control allows passengers to easily set their desired temperature with minimal effort. Furthermore, advanced noise cancellation technology helps provide peace and quiet during even the most hectic commutes. For those seeking premium interior comfort, the Lexus LX has it all – from sleek styling to cutting-edge amenities that ensure ultimate relaxation while on the go.

Lexus LX

Lexus LX Technology & Connectivity

Engine 3346 cc

The Lexus LX Engine is a luxurious, modern and innovative SUV that combines the latest in technology and connectivity. From its advanced safety features to its spacious interior and intuitive infotainment system, the LX offers drivers an unparalleled driving experience. The LX features a variety of cutting-edge technologies such as lane departure alert, pre-collision warning with pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitoring. The car also includes an intuitive infotainment system featuring Apple CarPlay™ compatibility, Amazon Alexa integration and Bluetooth® connectivity. The 12.3-inch navigation display allows for an interactive experience while you’re on the go. Additionally, the Lexus Enform Remote lets you start your car from anywhere with a smartphone app or smartwatch device. It also provides remote door lock/unlock services so you don’t have to worry about leaving your keys behind.

Lexus LX Mileage and Fuel Economy

Top Speed 210 kmph

The Lexus LX mileage is a full-size SUV renowned for its luxurious features and powerful performance. This vehicle has an excellent gas mileage and fuel economy that makes it one of the most popular vehicles on the market. New LX offers an impressive 17 mpg in the city and 22 mpg on highways, with a combined 20 mpg. The V8 engine ensures you have plenty of power when accelerating or carrying heavy loads; however, it doesn’t sacrifice efficiency. The LX’s advanced technology also helps to reduce emissions and increase fuel economy even further. An 8-speed automatic transmission allows you to shift gears quickly and smoothly without any jerkiness or pauses, which helps improve your overall driving experience as well as fuel efficiency.

Lexus LX Price

The Lexus LX price is a luxurious, full-size SUV that offers superior performance, amenities and style. With a starting price of $86,380 and an array of standard features, the LX is one of the top choices in its class for those wanting reliable luxury at an affordable rate. For added convenience and customization the LX can be outfitted with an array of optional features including advanced safety technology, driver assist options and audio/visual packages. Drivers who choose to upgrade their base model can expect to pay extra for these additions; however it’s worth noting that Lexus has priced these premium features competitively compared to other luxury vehicle manufacturers. When it comes to pricing new Lexus LX stands out as a great value for those looking for a high-end driving experience without breaking the bank.

Lexus LX price in Pakistan PKR 5,800,000
Lexus LX price in Philippines P10,468,000.00
Lexus LX price in India Rs. 2.33 Cr


The Lexus LX for sale is a luxury SUV that stands out from the competition. It has been around for over two decades and its longevity speaks to its reliability, comfort, and overall quality. Its combination of state-of-the-art technology, luxurious interior design, and impressive performance make it an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable yet stylish car in the luxury SUV segment. New LexusAt the end of the day, it’s clear that the Lexus LX is one of the most sought after vehicles in its class. Its superior craftsmanship and attention to detail create an experience unlike any other. Whether you’re looking for a dependable daily driver or a vehicle you can take on long road trips, you can’t go wrong with this classic luxury SUV from Lexus.

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