2023 GMC C3500 Price, Interior, And Safety

2023 GMC C3500

New Model GMC C3500 is a midsize truck that was released in 2017. It is available in both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive configurations. The C3500 has an MSRP of $39,295 for the rear-wheel drive version, and $45,545 for the all-wheel drive version.

2023 GMC C3500 has many benefits that make it a good choice for people who want a midsize truck. First and foremost, the C3500 is comfortable to ride in. It has a comfortable cab with plenty of room both front and back. The vehicle also has good fuel economy ratings, which makes it a cost effective option as well. Additionally, the C3500 can tow up to 3,500 pounds which makes it useful for people who need to tow heavy equipment or vehicles.

GMC C3500 Interior:

GMC C3500 interior is a midsize pickup truck that was released in 2017. It comes with a number of features that are unique to this model, such as the 10-speed automatic transmission and the Duramax diesel engine. The GMC C3500 also has a number of standard features that are found in most midsize pickups, such as an elevated driving position and large exterior mirrors. The interior of the New C3500 is designed to provide comfortable seating for passengers and ample storage space. The dashboard is streamlined and features an attractive design, while the seats are comfortable and supportive. In addition to providing great seating and comfort, the GMC C3500’s interior also includes features that make it easy to use. For example, there are large buttons on the instrument panel that make it easy to control the vehicle’s functions.

GMC C3500 dashboard and controls

GMC C3500 truck fuel tank features a sleek, modern dashboard with controls that are easy to use. The dashboard is divided into three sections: the instrument panel, the center console, and the exterior view. The instrument panel includes a tachometer, speedometer, fuel gauge, and temperature gauge. The center console includes climate controls, a storage area for small items, and a trip computer. The exterior view includes a camera that provides a real-time view of the vehicle surroundings.

GMC C3500 Cargo capacity and storage

GMC C3500 truck suspension kit cargo capacity is a little disappointing at just under 20 cubic feet. However, the large, flat cargo area and well-placed storage compartments make up for it. The C3500 also has a generous rear seat footprint, making it great for hauling larger items or groups of people. Additionally, new C3500 fold-down rear seats can be removed to create more space when necessary.

GMC C3500 exterior:

GMC C3500 truck door weatherstrip seal kit is a big, bold truck that’s perfect for those who need plenty of space and cargo capacity. With an impressive curb weight of 4,500 pounds, the C3500 can carry a lot and move with authority. The body is composed of strong steel panels that give the truck a rugged appearance. The headlights are large and powerful, while the taillights are slim and delicate-looking.

Inside, the C3500 is comfortable and luxurious. The leather seats are spacious and comfortable, while the dashboard is well-crafted with high-quality materials. There’s ample storage space in the cabin, as well as under the seat. New GMC also features an advanced navigation system that makes traveling easy. Overall, this is one big truck that will make a statement on the road.

GMC C3500 Performance and fuel economy

GMC C3500 fuel balance is a midsize pickup truck that offers good performance and fuel economy. The engine is a V6 that can provide good power and torque, making it a good choice for those who need a truck that can handle tough terrain. The C3500 also offers a number of features that make it an attractive option, including its comfortable seats, strong frame, and large cargo area. Overall, the New GMC is a reliable truck that will provide drivers with plenty of performance and fuel economy.

GMC C3500 Safety features

GMC C3500  truck steering & suspension kit is a midsize pickup truck that offers a variety of safety and convenience features. The truck has been designed with an emphasis on safety, and includes features such as stability control, traction control, and antilock braking system. The C3500 also includes a number of convenience features, such as an excellent sound system and power door locks.

GMC C3500 Price

The 2017 GMC C3500 price is a midsize pickup truck that is available in two trim levels – LS and LT. The LS model comes with a starting price of $27,495, while the LT model costs $31,995. Both models come with an 8-inch touchscreen display, keyless entry and start, 18-inch alloy wheels, and a 3.6L V6 engine. Standard features include heated seats, power locks/windows/doors, a blind spot monitoring system with rear cross traffic alert, and an auxiliary audio input jack. The GMC C3500 also offers several convenience features such as front dual-zone air conditioning, a rearview camera with dynamic guide lines and park assist technology for parking in tight spaces.


GMC C3500 for sale is a midsize pickup truck that offers a lot of features for its price. The ride is comfortable and the car handles well. The only downside to this vehicle is the fuel economy, which could be improved. Overall, the GMC C3500 is a good choice for those who are looking for a midsize truck that has all of the standard features.


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