2023 Ford Explorer Hybrid Features, Engine, And Price

2023 Ford Explorer Hybrid

New model Ford Explorer Hybrid is a vehicle that runs on both gasoline and electricity. There are many reasons why someone might choose to purchase a hybrid car, but the most common reason is to save money on fuel costs.

With gas prices always fluctuating, it can be difficult to budget for your monthly expenses. A hybrid car can help ease those concerns by getting great gas mileage. In fact, the Ford Explorer Hybrid gets an impressive 32 mpg in the city and 36 mpg on the highway.

Another advantage of owning a hybrid car is that they emit less pollution than traditional gasoline cars. This is important for people who are concerned about their impact on the environment.

If you’re considering purchasing a Ford Explorer there are many reasons to do so! You’ll save money on fuel costs and help reduce your impact on the environment.

How it works

Ford Explorer Hybrid mileage is a SUV that offers both an electric and gas engine. The gas engine is used for long distance travel while the electric engine is used for city driving or short trips. The Ford Explorer Hybrid can seat up to seven people and has a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds.

new Hybrid electric engine is powered by a battery that can be recharged by plugging the SUV into an outlet. The battery provides enough power for about 30 miles of driving before the gas engine needs to be used. The gas engine kicks in automatically when more power is needed.

Ford Explorer Hybrid gets about 20 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway. That’s pretty good for an SUV! And, since it uses less gas, it produces fewer emissions than a traditional SUV.

Advantages of the Ford Explorer Hybrid:

Ford Explorer Hybrid review is a great choice for anyone looking for a fuel-efficient SUV. The hybrid engine gets better gas mileage than the traditional V6 engine, and it’s also more environmentally friendly.

Another advantage of the Ford Explorer Hybrid is that it’s very quiet. The electric motor is virtually silent, so you won’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors when you start up the engine in the morning.

If you’re looking for a spacious and comfortable SUV that’s also fuel-efficient, the Ford Explorer Hybrid is a great option.

Ford Explorer Hybrid Disadvantages:

Ford Explorer Hybrid towing capacity comes with a higher price tag than the traditional model. Some people might not be able or willing to pay the extra money for the hybrid version. Additionally, the Explorer Hybrid has less towing capacity than the regular model – only 3,500 pounds compared to 5,000 pounds. So, if you’re looking to tow a boat or trailer, the Explorer Hybrid might not be the best option.

Ford Explorer Hybrid Features:

Ford Explorer Hybrid top speed comes packed with an impressive array of features. For starters, it comes with a 3.3-liter V6 engine that’s capable of churning out 302 horsepower and 255 lb-ft of torque. It also comes with a six-speed automatic transmission, front-wheel drive, and an EPA-estimated fuel economy rating of 27 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway.

In terms of safety, New Ford Explorer comes standard with advanced safety features such as automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and blind spot monitoring. It also comes with a host of other driver-assistance features such as rear cross traffic alert and inflatable rear seat belts.

Ford Explorer Hybrid price

The 2019 Ford Explorer Hybrid price starts at $52,355, which is about $3,000 more than the gas-only model. The hybrid comes standard with all-wheel drive and gets an EPA-estimated 27 mpg in the city and 29 mpg on the highway.

New Ford Explorer is a great option for those who want to save on fuel costs without sacrificing power and performance. The SUV has a comfortable ride and plenty of space for passengers and cargo. Although the starting price is higher than the gas-only model, the savings on fuel costs will quickly offset the initial investment.


Ford Explorer Hybrid for sale is a great choice for a family SUV. It has plenty of room for passengers and cargo, and gets good fuel economy. The hybrid powertrain is also very smooth and quiet, making for a comfortable ride.Ford’s SYNC 3 infotainment system is easy to use, and theExplorer comes standard with a host of safety features, including automated emergency breaking. All in all, new Hybrid is a great choice for a family SUV.


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